TN Rural Byway

Maybe you’ve seen one before, on a drive down a Tennessee rural byway. Hanging there on the weathered face of an old grey barn, a square of bright color. Maybe you didn’t give it much thought. Like the barn itself, they seem as if they are part of the landscape, as if they just belong there. A couple of the things that is so great about our side of the mountain is the beauty, tranquility and peace offered to all who visit.

Did you know that the Smoky Mountains puts on its own stunning display of gold, red, yellow, and orange as the temperatures cool down and the days shorten? It’s another great reason to venture out to Townsend and take a break from your hectic life. Plan your next trip soon and come see us before all the sites are reserved. This is also our peak season.

a barn in a field with mountains in the background

Once a well-kept secret, the Smoky Mountain fall colors also now bring waves of visitors to the Townsend, Gatlinburg and Asheville areas, mostly in October. While not as numerous as the summertime crowds, they are still quite massive and often flock to the most popular areas of the national park.

The best time to see Smoky Mountain fall foliage is anywhere from mid-October to early November in the mid and lower elevations. If you want to take a short-day trip from the campground September on the Blue Ridge Parkway is simply stunning.

This colorful show from Mother Nature will last seven weeks or more, depending on temperatures, the length of the day, and other factors. For that reason, it’s always difficult to determine a peak foliage forecast in the Smokies. The Higher the elevation the early the peak in colors.

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