We believe in protecting your experience at Big Meadow Family Campground.

Our family owned campground is a place where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.


While you’re staying with us at Big Meadow Family Campground, nothing should keep you from connecting and making memories with the people you love. That’s why we’re serious about protecting this precious time you have with your family or group, and we believe in guarding your safety, comfort and peace of mind.

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Rates are based on a party of 4 or less and 1 vehicle. Extra guest starting with #5 and with vehicle will be charged $5.00 a day. No more than 6 people per campsite.

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Please do not park in the grass, park only in designated areas.

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Please do not walk through rv sites. Walk on the roads and use designated river access paths to get to the river. Be courteous to your neighbors!

All guest must be registered with the office and fees apply for day guests and overnight visitors. Visitors will be given a daily parking pass for a small fee. guests must obey all campground rules.

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Absolutely NO climbing over the fences surrounding the property.

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Please keep your campsite clean and orderly. Use the designated dumpsters to keep the campground clean and neat.

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Do not use fire pits to burn trash, cigarette butts or even food.

Failure to comply with rules may result in eviction without refund. No refunds for early departure or inclimate weather.

The Do's

The Don'ts

DO use a sewer connector.

MANDATORY - no exceptions.

DO use a pooper scooper after your pets and do not leave pets unattended.

Pets are welcome! However, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for cleaning up after them. Keep pets on a leash at all times.

DO park in the designated area only.

See office personnel for parking information. One vehicle per site.

DO remember - you are responsible for your guests.

DO have all guests register at office before entering campground.

Ask your guests to leave before 10:00 P.M. Guests must obey all guidelines and pay fees before entering.

DO put trash in dumpster only.

Behind the stock fence at the entrance.

DO use caution when crossing the road to the river.

This is a public road.

An aerial view of an rv park in the mountains.
A group of people standing in a river at Big Meadows Campground.
Our big meadow family photo.
Two people sitting in a lawn chair watching tv.

DO NOT leave pets unattended.

DO NOT share access card with anyone.

DO NOT allow children to play with or near gates.

DO NOT exceed 5 miles per hour in campground.

DO NOT wash any vehicles in campground.

DO NOT park on or drive thru grass in campsite.

DO NOT park more than one vehicle per site.

DO NOT cover grass with carpet or mats.

DO NOT build fires except in designated areas.

DO NOT let your pet poop in other camp sites.

DO NOT display firearms or fireworks.

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